Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester shows off her 'lunchtime lipo'

Update: Yesterday, we falsely reported that Ajay had spent $50,000 on this procedure. Today, she has explained on Twitter that it was in fact $15,000.

Former Biggest Loser Host Ajay Rochester has just shown off her before and shots after a new method of liposuction, called “Airsculpt”.

Ajay captioned the image: #Before and #after photos of #Airsculpt from Dr Rollins @elitebodysculpture painless "lipo" walk in walk out no stitches no anaesthesia


This method of liposuction doesn't require a hospital visit, or any downtime, and can be done in your lunch break.

What makes "Airsculpt" so different from the rest?

"Airsculpt" is a type of Nutational liposuction. Nutational liposuction uses a vibrating and moving cannula (the metal tube that is inserted into the skin to suck out fat cells).

In the past, the cannula had to be inserted into the skin with brutal force by the surgeon. It required strength on top of precision, causing additional soreness, bruising and downtime for the poor person who had to cop the beating.

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Of course, with this type of liposuction, you needed to be under a general anaesthetic, and at a hospital.

With Nutational lipo, because the cannula vibrates and moves, it is a lot easier for the surgeon to insert the rod without force - so they are able to focus on artful sculpting and removal of fat.

Here is a video of Airsculpt Lipo, as seen on the television show, The Doctors.

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In Australia, Gold Coast Plastic Surgery was the first practice to offer Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture.

Clinical Manager and registered nurse Kellie Dickinson not only oversees all of the surgeries, but has undergone Nutational Liposuction herself.


"Because it's Nutational, it just glides through," she told The Glow. "So when you watch it happening, it's like a cello, it slides and glides - so there's little to no bruising. There's no trauma."

"When I had it myself, I was under a local [anaesthetic] - it feels ticklish, which is why it's also referred to as "tickle lipo" - especially the "up the flanks" parts, I couldn't help laughing - it's a weird sensation, it's odd."

"There were some moments where I was like, "oh, that hurts a little," so it's not completely pain free - but it's like anything, like laser or injectables - it hurts a bit - but you still do it (laughs) it's worth it."

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According to the Daily Mail, in order to look Ajay Rochester spent an astounding $50,000 lipo and skin removal procedures. Spare change, right? They're also reporting she had "enough fat to fill a bottle of wine sucked from each arm and the equivalent of a beer can of fat removed from her neck." Well then.

Clearly, this was the right choice for Ajay, but even with lower downtime, this is still a very serious medical procedure.

You may not need general anaesthetic, but you still run all the risks of infections and other complications that come with any surgery.

Prior to the surgery, Ajay had been exercising rigorously and also dieting. Lipo isn't a simple answer to an unhealthy lifestyle.

We'd always recommend you do a whole lot of research, and thinking, before booking in for work of this kind.

Would you ever consider lipo?

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