Ajay Rochester reveals what hosting The Biggest Loser did to her body image.

“I was still being called fat. So when am I not fat?”

Ajay Rochester, 45, has posted an intimate article on her blog, Finding My Mojo, about how she developed an eating disorder after hosting The Biggest Loser.

“The real irony is, even when I was hosting Biggest Loser, I was still being called fat. So when am I not fat? It’s crazy! By the time I left Biggest Loser I had a serious eating disorder that I still battle every single day,” she explained.

“I was a healthy size 10-12 yet was told I was too fat to host a TV show. It’s crazy! Surely my talent should define what I do or don’t do? Not my size,” Ajay wrote.

"Drop The Plus"

Ajay's latest venture is in promoting her campaign Drop The Plus, which is focused on dismissing the term 'plus-sized' when referring to models.

"When Rosa Parks took a different seat on a bus, she set in motion a world of change. Well fat, the body and body judgment is one of the last bastions of acceptable discrimination.

"That woman in the street the other day who called me thunder thighs, did it because she feels she can call upon my weight as an insult because she is surrounded by messages that agree with her – that fat is something I should be ashamed of."

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The media personality has one very clear message we can all get behind.

"Look, I just want the plus term dropped and the headline be 'Aussie model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.' It will come, but in the meantime, we must band together, we are women, we are girls, we are a sisterhood, we are not plus OR minus anything. We are women."

Well said, Ajay.

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