For everyone who is feeling scared about getting on a plane today.



If you are one of the 40 percent of people who feel a bit panicky about flying, 2014 probably hasn’t been a great year for your confidence.

And while you may be tired of people telling you that flying is safer than driving, today you need to know this:

Across all commercial airlines, accidents happen once in every 1.2 million flights.

Even if you are involved in a plane crash, it is very, very likely that you will survive – 95.7% of people involved in a plane crash do.

The odds that the average person will die in a plane crash is just one in 11 million.

But perhaps the most helpful guide is a visual one. Despite the high profile tragedies, in terms of the number of incidents, 2014 was one of the safest years to fly in a plane, ever, according to the Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archive.

And if the trend in the stats is anything to go by, the safety of air travel will continue to get better and better.

This graph of plane crashes over the past 100 years is the only image you need to hold in your mind next time you fly:


Via The International Business Times.