Men take to the streets of Kabul in burqas to protest gender inequality.

Not so long ago, Afghanistan was one of the most oppressive countries in the world. Now, men are taking to the streets in a formidable push for gender equality.

Afghan men have donned burqas and marched through the capital of Kabul to shine a light on women’s rights.

Amid concern that the Taliban-era regulations for women are once again rearing their ugly heads, a group of Afghani men have made a striking protest in defence of women.

The men wore burkas to protest violence against women. (Image: Twitter @Zarina_Baloch)

The group of approximately 20 men marched in the mud donning bright blue burqas, and a signs reading:  “we say no to all forms of violence”, “Equality,” and “Don’t tell women what to wear, you should cover your eyes.”

According to ABC, the Taliban forced women to wear burqas in public during their rule in 1990s, a law which has since been lifted under the new government.

However, the wearing of burqas remains commonplace in some areas of the country – an act which these male activists believe to be like a prison, the ABC reports.

The men carried signs reading: “we say no to all forms of violence”, “Equality,” and “Don’t tell women what to wear, you should cover your eyes.” (Image: Twitter @JavedAzizKhan)

The demonstrators, associated with a group called Afghan Peace Volunteers, said they organised the march ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8.

“Our authorities will be celebrating International Women’s Day in big hotels, but we wanted to take it to the streets,” activist Basir, 29, said.

“One of the best ways to understand how women feel is to walk around and wear a burqa.”

The protest received mixed reviews, with some women claiming they prefer to wear the garment.

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