The common foundation mistake that's making you look older than you are.

Australian makeup artist and beauty vlogger Aleesa Hall has shed light on the makeup products and techniques that can make us look older than we are.

Appearing on the Today show this week, Hall said there a few simple changes you can make to your makeup routine so it’s more suited to ageing skin.

The makeup artist says as you age your skin gets drier, you lose elasticity and you also lose colour.

To address this, the Glamwah blogger says you should avoid using a foundation that’s too pale and actually go for a shade that’s a little bit darker, so it will give you some colour.

According to Hall, nothing will age you faster than a foundation that’s too pale. You need to make sure you don’t go too dark, though – Hall recommends matching your foundation to your décolletage, which usually has a bit of colour.

You also need to consider texture – Hall says you should avoid powder and matte foundations and go for a liquid foundation or BB or CC creme, which will add a little luminosity to your skin.

The makeup artist says women also make the mistake of applying too much concealer, which just creases in their wrinkles.

She suggests choosing a liquid concealer in a peachier, warmer tone and using it sparingly. Most importantly she says, you shouldn’t apply it all the way up to the lash-line – instead, just lightly place it in the crevice under your eye.

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