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'Science' has found the age you officially become boring and we're sorry in advance.

If you’re approaching your mid thirties, you better organise a social retirement alongside that birthday party.

In a survey we’re not sure anyone asked for, researchers have discovered the age you officially become boring.

And apparently it comes for women to years earlier than men.


Research by Airbnb Experiences found that women reached their least adventurous when they hit 35, while men get to be fun until their 39.

This is due to increased responsibilities, work, having children and getting into relationships.


"Am I boring now?" Image: New Girl

So how do they quantify boring? The biggest is based on how likely you are to try something new or be spontaneous.

People in their thirties are reportedly less likely to stay out late on a week night, try out a new hobby, make an effort to make new friends, book a spontaneous holiday, learn a new skill, visit a friend unannounced, ask someone out, try out a new sport or change jobs.

I mean, what ARE we doing with all that free time we're swimming in?

Listen: Another extremely helpful fashion study. Not. Post continues after audio.

It's not all bad news though.

Researchers did find that your boring levels drop once you reach 50. Over 50s are apparently 22 per cent more likely to book a spontaneous holiday and 11 per cent more likely to go out for an expensive meal out.

So just bid goodbye to friends and family, hibernate for 15 years or so and you should be fine.

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