Listen up: we now know the age women have the best sex of their life.

When it comes to a woman’s sexual peak, we’re often told it gets better with age. For men? Well, science dictates they won’t be as lucky.

According to a new study, the age women have the best sex of their lives is 36.

Commissioned by contraceptive app Natural Cycles, 2,600 women were asked all things sex: their experience with orgasms, how much they actually enjoy sex and how attractive they feel at any given point in time.

In addition to uncovering the age women experience the most fulfilling sex, Natural Cycles also analysed whether women’s responses depended on age. Women were split into three groups, younger (below 23), middle (23-35) and older (36 and over).

What was most alarming, but perhaps not surprising, was that 86 per cent of the older age group said they had great sex over the last four weeks compared to 76 per cent in the middle group and just 56 per cent of the youngest.

Very important sex news. (iStock)

When it comes to feeling sexy, women aged 36 and over proved to be the most confident, with 80 per cent saying they felt sexually attractive.

In comparison, only four out of 10 women in the middle group said they were happy with their appearance, while seven out of 10 women under 23 said the same.

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Although it's a pretty clear and sad indictment on how young women feel about sex - and how porn is almost inevitably affecting that - the good news is obvious, too.

It's only getting better with age.