My Kid Pushed Yours And Now I'm In Prison.

A new law threatening jail time has us debating whether or not parents should be locked up for their kids’ bad behaviour.

Plus, we speak to an expert about just how parents know when their kid is ready for school.

And also… what do you do when your “racist uncle” gives your kid an inappropriate present?


What’s the best age to start school? We ask an expert.

Looking at the child as a whole is vitally important. But does that include the ability to sit still and concentrate? Is it true that boys find that harder to achieve, and that a child will fail if they can’t do that?

“It’s not a myth – if you look at a group of kindergarteners, you can always tell the younger boys. Boys produce less oxytocin than girls and that’s why many of them can’t sit still, and why boys especially benefit from an extra year at home before school.”

Seinor advises that she’s speaking generally, and of course, every child is different, but that it would benefit parents to pay attention to these factors when making the decision about when their child should start school.

However, this is not to say that if you have sent your child early, or at the government-suggested age of right on five years old, that you have disadvantaged your child in any way. Seinor stresses that the criteria is very subjective and relies especially on parental instincts.


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