The surprising age you learn to love your looks

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Given the huge value we place on having ‘youthful’ looks, it’s not crazy to assume that people are happiest with their appearance in their twenties and thirties.

It’s not crazy, but it’s not true either. A Gallup poll has discovered that most Americans feel best about they way they look when they’re over 65. A whole 66% of people over 65 said they agreed or strongly agreed with the question “You always feel good about your physical appearance.”

The poll showed that people are least satisfied with their looks between 35 and 65, when 54% ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that they felt good about their appearance, while 61% of people aged 18-34 agreed or strongly agreed with the question.

Predictably, women rated their satisfaction with their looks significantly lower than men did, but by the age of 85, women were more satisfied with their looks than octogenarian gents were.

Gallup suggested “As people age, perhaps a different set of societal expectations and appearance standards lead to a renewed sense of confidence.”

It’s heartening to note that there’s only one decade (44 to 55) where less than half of women are satisfied with they way they look. It’s still upsetting that 1 in 2 women of that age aren’t happy with their appearance, but since it often feels like every woman hates her body, it’s good to know that there are plenty of ladies who are perfectly happy with themselves.

The results of this survey also proves the adage that with age comes the wisdom to accept things the way they are.

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