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A newborn baby girl passed away after she contracting a herpes virus — from coming in contact with a cold sore.







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1. Baby dies after coming into contact with a cold sore

A newborn baby girl passed away after contracting a herpes virus —  from coming into contact with a cold sore.

Eloise Brown, born on November 1 at Queensland’s Mackay Hospital, died last week despite being healthy at birth, the Daily Mail reports.

The little girl’s health started to deteriorate in the week following her birth, and she was taken to Mater Hospital in Brisbane and placed on a machine to keep her alive.

Doctors eventually discovered it was the herpes virus causing Eloise’s illness after two days on the machine — a revelation that stunned her parents.

“I was shocked. I was devastated to know she was born healthy and then this happened,” Eloise’s mother  Sarah Pugh, 28, told the Daily Mail.

“They thought it could have come from me, but I didn’t test positive to the disease.

“It was passed on through a cold sore. You have to be in contact – kissed or touched. We didn’t have any visitors at hospital. It could have been from anyone.”

Eloise’s family shared her story with the Daily Mail in the hope of raising awareness of how viruses can affect newborns.

“Sometimes you don’t even know when you’ve got a cold sore. You never know what’s going to happen… It’s not just cold sores. Any virus could do this to a baby,” Ms Pugh said.


2. More major retailers ditch  Grand Theft Auto V.

Kmart has joined Target Australia in pulling controversial video game Grand Theft Auto V from its shelves.

As Mamamia reported this morning, a petition protesting the violent game has attracted more than 44,000 signatures.

You can read more about that story here.


3. Jordan Tyson’s family face further hardship.

Jordan Tyson was just 13 when he was trapped in a flood with his brother Blake. He told emergency workers to save his brother first — a move that made him a hero, but lost him his life.

Now, Jordan’s heartbroken family has been hit by hard times again, as his father John Tyson revealed on the Today show this morning.

John is now living with Blake in a Gold Coast homeless shelter — and Blake, now 15, has been pulled out of school after being attacked by bullies.

“He’s just like riding home from school, someone ran out and king-hit him off his skateboard,” Tyson told Today host Karl Stefanovic on this morning’s show.

Tyson added that the bullies targeted Blake because of who his brother was.

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