CULT BUY: The $49.95 black dress that will solve all of your fake tan dilemmas.

Forget planning a wedding, the military-level organisation required before and after a tan is practically a full time job.

There’s the choosing of clothes that won’t rub your tan off (and then getting in said clothes), the staying-safe-in-the-car without losing all the tan on your shoulders with the seatbelt and the holding-of-the-boobs as you move because you’ve freed the nipple to avoid getting a bra mark.

It’s enough to make you sweat – except don’t, because you’ll ruin your tan.


Finally, someone has created a solution – and it will cost you less than $50.

The After Tan Co Bamboo Maxi Dress, $49.95, solves all your post-tanning woes in one comfy and stylish move.

Whether you’re getting a professional spray tan at the salon or giving your mitt a workout at home, it will probably (definitely) change your life.

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The simple thick strapped maxi dress is made from bamboo fabric that’s light, breathable and stretchy.

As it’s black it won’t leave marks and the thick straps mean your handbag strap or seatbelt won’t leave an imprint.

The winning feature that sets it apart from any others on the markete? Built in padding in the bust area for all the coverage you need even sans bra.

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It also comes in a pouch for easy travel AND it’s machine washable. Chuck it in the wash, hang to dry and it’s ready and waiting for your next self-tanning session.

The dress is available in two sizes, S-M and M-L, but the stretchy and loose design means either will suit a wide range of body shapes.

Even better, it doesn’t look like a just-for-tanning dress either, just a great black summer maxi.

It’s not just dressing after the tan that the brand has found a solution for, either. They also stock a bamboo sheet ($69.95) and pillow protector ($29.95) if you’re sick of ruining your white sheets or fancy new bedding.

Grab your mitts, a new era of mess-free tanning has begun.