From acne-prone to pigmented: 3 women with different skin types try the same vitamin B serum.

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As someone with relatively active skin, I like to keep my skincare routine simple and effective. My products need to work the magic they promise on the bottle, and if they do, I quickly become their number one fan (and rave about it to everyone I know).

While I’ve dabbled with serums from time to time, none have truly impressed me enough to become a regular addition in my skincare routine. So, when I found out that Aesthetics Rx's Vitamin B Serum could stimulate fibroblast and collagen production to target ageing skin, keep my skin hydrated for 48 hours (an absolute NEED), strengthen my skin barrier, helps even out skin texture and gives me a plump and bright complexion – I knew I’d be silly not to try it. 

Yes, it’s hard to believe a serum can do all of that, but it isn’t wizardry (even though it sounds like it). 

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This serum is rich in quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture, plumps up the skin, and ensures long-lasting hydration. Then there's niacinamide (vitamin B3), which helps maintain the skin's natural healthy tone, aids in moisturisation, and tackles signs of ageing. And lastly, panthenol (vitamin B5) which is used as an effective moisturiser for the outer skin layer, known not only for combating dryness but also for its soothing qualities.

With all that being said, 3 women, including myself, trialled the Aesthetics Rx's Vitamin B Serum for a month. 

Here are our honest thoughts. 

Alisa, sensitive and dry skin.

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Figuring out what makes my skin healthy and glowy feels like an insurmountable task at times simply because she doesn't always like to cooperate. I’ve bought expensive serums and moisturisers that my skin simply didn’t want a bar of – so, because of its rather chaotic nature I can be hesitant to incorporate something new into my routine. 

But with all the buzz about vitamin B and its obvious benefits – Aesthetics Rx's Vitamin B Serum seemed like the perfect product to slot into my routine, simply because it promises to work harder than Kris Jenner. 

On first impressions, this serum glided onto my skin, absorbed well and left my skin soft and subtle – it felt luxurious. When I woke up, my skin appeared visibly more moisturised and plump. I was stoked. 

After trialling this serum for a month. I've seen a definite change to my skin. The pigmentation on my cheeks has visibly diminished, and, all in all, my skin has a brighter, more dewy-looking complexion. 


Thanks to this serum, I only need to add one small pump of foundation to give me a glowy and smooth base when heading into the office or out for the day. Usually, I'd put on two to three pumps to hide spots that have now disappeared. 

I can confidently say that this vitamin B serum has earned its place as a permanent addition in my skincare routine. 

Annika, oily and hyperpigmented skin.

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My skin loves a vitamin B serum, but the Aesthetics Rx one especially. It’s a serum that obviously has integrity, because over the past two weeks since using it, my skin has felt more balanced (goodbye to my overworking oil production), looked plumper and felt firmer, and the overall brightness has been, well – bright. 

I’ve even had people at work commenting on how good my skin looks. Yep, even under the harsh, fluorescent office lights, others are noticing the difference this serum is making: a difference for the better.

I’ve been using this during both my AM and PM routine, simply because it absorbs so well and layers really nicely with my other serums and moisturisers. 

It has zero pilling, which is a big yes. I’m a huge fan of the pump too, which may sound trivial, but I find plenty of other cosmeceutical brands to have complicated pumping mechanisms that might look fancy, but don’t work all that well. This one both looks fancy and works well.

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It also provides the perfect amount of serum to cover my face, neck and decolletage, which couldn’t be more ideal.

At the start of my four-week trial period, my skin was feeling both dry and oily (honestly, how?) and I had some post-pimple hyperpigmentation. All of this has settled with ongoing, consistent use of the Aesthetics Rx Vitamin B Serum. 

My combination skin has been utterly grateful for this new, and now permanent, inclusion to my skincare routine. 

It’s always such a relief to find a product that is high-quality and has a multitude of benefits: if something can keep this oily gal hydrated, while simultaneously balancing my skin and improving its overall appearance, I can’t help but get excited about it.

Lisa, acne-prone skin.

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My skin can be quite problematic. 

It's acne prone, often easily irritated, and incredibly sensitive, making it a real challenge to find the right products. Fortunately, vitamin B is one ingredient that my skin actually responds well to.  

I absolutely love the results I get from using it, but I've really struggled to find the right product that can deliver all the benefits of this wonderful ingredient without irritating my highly reactive skin. So, because of this, I've been on the hunt to find a gentle yet effective vitamin B product to add to my skincare routine. 


Enter stage left: Aesthetics Rx Vitamin B Serum. 

Upon the first application, I instantly noticed how quickly my skin absorbed the product and how plump and soft it felt afterward (with no sticky residue). I loved the bright and dewy appearance of my skin, and I even noticed this radiance under my makeup all day long. I couldn't wait to reapply it in my nightly routine, and when I did, I got the same bright and dewy result. 

Waking up the next morning, I was amazed at how nice my skin looked. I was excited to continue the four-week trial to see if I had somehow found the product my skin had been needing all along. 

I consistently used the serum morning and night for the entire four weeks under my moisturiser. It worked so well that I even found myself eliminating other steps and products I had previously used. This serum provided my skin with the moisture and hydration that I typically could only achieve by layering two or three products. 

I can confidently say that I am completely converted and will repurchase as soon as this bottle runs out. For anyone in search of a light yet hydrating serum, look no further because this might just be the one for you. 

To soothe, support and brighten skin, shop Aesthetics Rx Vitamin B Serum, suitable for all skin types. 

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Aesthetics Rx
The iconic Aesthetics Rx Vitamin B Serum is a unique formulation of skin-enhancing Hyaluronic Acid molecules together with effective concentrations of Niacinamide and Panthenol to promote immediate and long-term hydration, and help soothe, support, brighten, and protect the skin barrier. This fast-absorbing Vitamin B Serum is suitable for all skin types and ideal for congested, inflamed, or breakout-prone skin, it’s non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.