6 times you refused to admit your mum was right. Until now.

There are things our mums have told us that have inevitably come to fruition. However, as daughters, it is our responsibility to nod, mentally roll our eyes and then go forth into the world, ignoring our mother’s advice.

Here are the 6 truths mum will tell you, which you will refuse to admit are all 100% correct…until now.

1. ‘You should take a jacket/jumper, it might get cold’

The standard response usually goes along the lines of: ‘but it is really warm and sunny right now, I’ll be fine’, or (most commonly), ‘this outfit doesn’t really work with a jacket’.

Oh how foolish we have been. On many occasions we have frozen, only to silently wish we had listened to our Mum, who obviously has some sort of secret weather forecasting ability that we don’t possess. You win this round, Mum.

2. ‘One day you’ll be sick of nightclubs/partying’

Yeah, right! We were put on this earth to boogie and have extremely late nights followed by early mornings! You’re just lame, man!

Wait. Actually no. You were so right, Mum. All we want is to sit at home and watch ‘Breaking Bad’ whilst eating Pringles. How did you know this would happen? We were so sure we would party forever, and that we’d never get tired of lining up for twenty minutes for a single drink that costs $9 while our feet get really sore and we get super cold because we forgot to pack that jacket…oh.

Come on, Mum. What wouldn’t we love about a sweaty, claustrophobic mass of bodies? Oh.

3. ‘Don’t chase boys, they smell and you’re smarter than them anyway’

This was one we heard at the age of fifteen/sixteen, when we were sure that boys were THE coolest thing ever, and having one even look at us, let alone speak to us, would surely be the most rad thing to ever happen.

When we did actually meet some boys, we were shocked to find that they still thought fart jokes were hilarious and smelt like a thousand years worth of sweaty socks. Not that we would admit this to Mum- we informed her that the boys we knew were incredibly mature and hygienic (lies, all lies!!).


4. ‘Write it down or you’ll forget’

Yo, Ma, we live in the age of smart phones! What do you think we’re going to do, get out our chisels and stone tablets? Don’t you know that we’re young, therefore our brains are super efficient and we remember everything important that you tell us?

One day your smart phone will break. Goodbye calendar and with it, sanity. Then, you’ll hear the voice of your mother. Not to mention the fact that we’ll never remembered an important date our mother has told us, ever. When you eventually buy a physical diary, your efficiency will improve by at least 237%, causing you to curse your Mum for always being right.

5. ‘Go to the toilet after doing the hanky panky’

This was told to us when we was a very awkward, sexually inactive teenagers who thought the idea of a penis was revolting. We were mortified, refusing to listen to our Mum’s dire warnings of ‘urinary tract infections’ that could possibly be prevented by a quick wee after doing the deed, as that sounded like an old lady problem in our books.

When we did eventually become sexually active, those words were long forgotten.

How I wish I had listened, you’ll tell myself as you sit on the toilet whilst urinating liquid fire. Cheers Mum for not beating around the bush.

6. ‘Never say you want to be “like everyone else”. Be you’

At various points during our teenage years, when we were pimply, chubby and had a mouth full of braces, we told our Mum’s we wanted to be ‘like everyone else’ (who we for some reason thought couldn’t possibly be suffering from teenage awkwardness like ourselves). Our Mum’s would furiously tell us that we should never, EVER strive to be like someone else, and that we should always just be our unique selves. At the time it sounded corny.

Only now can we begin to appreciate just how incredible that piece of advice was. Trying to fit in won’t make us happy, and we owe it to our Mum’s for teaching us that the best person we can be is, quite simply, ourselves.

Thanks Mum.