Memo to all parents: Calm down.

When you first become a parent, you worry about everything. Truly? Every. Thing.

But most of it ends up not mattering nearly so much as you thought it did.

Like… It doesn’t really matter if your kids act crazy sometimes, as long as they are kind. It doesn’t matter if they get a bit (or a lot) muddy, as long as they are healthy. And it doesn’t matter if they don’t always sleep through, as long as we can snuggle up for a few minutes together at the end of the day.

All that matters is that our children are happy.

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So if you need some shared wisdom, ask for advice from mums who seem to be working it out, or ask your mum how she figured out what really matters.

Some of our favourite mums share some of their best mum wisdom here.

Do you have any nuggets of wisdom that you would share with mums about what really matters when it comes to children?

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