Adults who wear braces. Would you?

The other day when I was at the dentist, trying to make conversations in those all too brief seconds when I didn’t have my mouth wrenched open, I asked him whether the GFC was affecting business. Were people neglecting their teeth to save a few bucks?
Because jeez, at that moment? While he was drilling…….

…. into a molar before filling it? The thought of running away and just shoving some blutack in there was a tempting one.
“Oh no,” he said. “When times are tough, people actually INVEST in their teeth. We find that when the economy is booming and people have cash, they’re more likely to spend it frivolously on teeth whitening and cosmetic procedures at cheapy dentists. But when they have less money, they invest in quality dental care. So we’ve seen many clients returning to make sure they’re getting the best possible job done on their teeth.”

Now this could well just be dental propaganda. I don’t know. He also said there was an increase in adults getting braces. Really? REALLY?

There’s really nothing pleasant about going to the dentist. It almost always hurts – first in your mouth and then in your wallet. That would possibly be why I just canceled a follow-up appointment and made one for a pedicure instead.

Here are some famous adults with braces…..

Gwen Stefani (with husband Gavin Rossdale)

Tom Cruise


Ugly Betty