How to behave if you’re a rich, white, powerful man… and you don’t get your way.




So you’re a rich, famous and powerful, middle-aged white dude.

You’re asked to share your thoughts and give your opinions every day and you do so with gusto, broadcasting yourself loudly and incessantly via traditional and social media to a receptive audience of millions.

This makes you money. Lots and lots of it.

The exposure you get from the media helps build your brand and further consolidates your influence, your businesses and your bank account. You wield serious power and you know that. You use this power skillfully to further your own self-interest.

Life is good.

So what happens when someone respectfully challenges you?

What happens when a journalist asks you a question you don’t like? That you perceive to be a bit…..unfair?

What happens when you are displeased? Angry, even?

You don’t wish to answer the question. Why should you? You’re not used to being challenged. You prefer it when the world simply accepts what you’re saying and nods along in agreement. That’s the way things always work around here. Did this journalist not get the memo? Does the journalist even know who you ARE?

Faced with such insubordination, you channel your inner toddler and you have a tantrum. You terminate the interview abruptly, stand up, remove your microphone and storm off in a bluster of righteous indignation, protesting loudly about the unfairness of being asked a question you haven’t approved by someone you can’t control.

Your interviewer is left staring at an empty chair where your big, loud presence sat just moments before.

Well played Jordan Belfort, Clive Palmer and Ray Hadley.

Take your bucket and spade and exit the sandpit.

Show us what you’re really made of: Jelly.

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