SEALED SECTION: Bradford and Angela run adult sex classes and there's something they want you to try.

Bradford and Angela Atom, a couple in their late thirties, are selling out adult sex classes in Sydney.

To be clear, they’re not the kind where you put a condom on a banana, or talk about the symptoms of chlamydia, or draw things like the ‘Fallopian tubes’ or ‘vas deferens’ on a blackboard.

No one wants to go to those kinds of classes. 

Instead, the Atoms have identified a gap in the market, teaching adults the stuff about sex they never learned in school.

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“Unfortunately, most of us in our age demographic learned about sex either through porn or through fumbling around in our own experiences,” Bradford told Mamamia. 

“In one case, we’re seeing things the way they aren’t – in porn, and in the other we might be missing stuff that could make our sexual relationships a little more fulfilling.”

The classes consist of about 10 to 12 couples, occasionally with a few single men or women – although those spots are strictly limited.

They begin with a ‘lecture’ component, which might explore the subject of clitoral massage or a g-spot orgasm.

Once they’ve explored the theory, the Atom’s then perform the practical component: a live demonstration.

“It’s so that people can actually see; you get that combination of hearing it, seeing it, and then homework where you go and do it yourself,” Bradford explained.

The idea is for anyone to ask questions, and discuss what they’ve learned as a group.

I asked them if they find performing sexual techniques in front of 25 or so people, er, nerve-wracking, and Bradford simply responded, “not really”.


Angela conceded that it was a little scary the first couple of times, but they’re “both very comfortable in front of people, and [they’re] comfortable with the subject matter.”

Their motivation for running these classes is simple: they feel passionately about couples leading more exciting and more satisfying sex lives. They want to provide a “safe place in which people can explore their sexuality in ways they may not otherwise be able to do.”

The biggest problem couples face, the Atoms told Mamamia, is “getting stuck in the same old routine”.

Most couples have a few sexual positions, maybe two or three,  they default to because they’re easy and comfortable. It’s a pattern that is often difficult to break.

Angela and Bradford Atom. Image via Twitter.

But if Angela and Bradford's students leave their class, having learned just one lesson, they'd like it to be "just try something new".

"It doesn't have to be something as big as going to a swingers club or trying pegging," Bradford said. "It can be, let's just try this position we've never done before.

"There are websites out there with hundreds upon hundreds of different sexual positions. Throw in something novel.

"Have sex in a different room. We think of the bedroom as the only place to have sex, but it's not the only option," he said.

Angela added, "It can also be a different time of day. If you always have sex right before bed, maybe try when you come home from work. Before you fix dinner and get into the daily grind..."

It could also be a new toy, she suggested, which can spice things up enormously.


"It only takes a small spark to create a burning fire. That's the key," Bradford laughed.

I couldn't help but ask, however, if there is one sexual practice they think every couple should try at least once.

"Personally, I would say pegging," Angela responded, "but it's a pretty blanket statement to say everyone should try it because it's not everyone's cup of tea."

Bradford agreed that pegging is great, but unfortunately it's considered taboo which turns a lot of couples off.

Pegging - for anyone who is wondering where exactly you're meant to insert clothesline accessories - actually has nothing to do with pegs.


It involves a woman performing anal sex onto a man by penetrating him with a strap-on dildo. Often, it's pleasurable for the man due to the stimulation of their prostate gland, and is arousing for the woman who is put in a position of sexual dominance.

The Atom's run classes on the practice of pegging, along with other specific proclivities like BDSM.

When it comes to sexual exploration, Bradford had an important word of advice.

"Don't be ashamed to ask for something you want. Don't be ashamed to start a conversation with your partner, and if your partner starts this conversation, don't shame them for what they may want."

He added that it's important to be mindful when bringing up something different, that just because you've been thinking about it for weeks or months, it doesn't mean your partner has.

"If they don't respond exactly how he want, we feel like it's a confrontation. They're either shaming us, or they don't agree, or they don't want it. But it might be they haven't thought about it. It's fresh to them," Bradford explained.

So when it comes to mutual sexual exploration, be patient, and never be afraid to communicate your desires.

One of the best parts of what they do, the Atom's told Mamamia, is "reinvigorating that youthful part of the relationship."

When it comes to the subject of sex, it doesn't matter if a couple has been together for five years or 25, there is always something new and exciting to explore.

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