BLOG: Adult onesies: yes or no?


Adult onesies are much like the new old Prime Minister, you either love them or you wish they went out of style in 2007.

Even those firmly in affirmative camp, can’t agree on the bum flap component. Some fans despise the idea of a flap for toileting purposes while others deem it a necessary invention to avoid catching pneumonia on midnight bathroom runs.


ast weekend Mamamia’s publisher, Mia Freedman, admitted she came this close to buying herself a onesie.

“And then I remembered: Mia, you’re an adult.
So I bought them for my kids instead.
Disclaimer: I reserve the right to forget in the future and succumb to ONESIE-MANIA.”

News Corp reports that there were 140,000 searches for onesies on eBay in May alone and sales jumped by 40 per cent one day in June when the east coast of Australia was battered by rainy, miserable weather.

Similarly, when ASOS Curve (their plus-size label) released onesies such was the demand that they sold out within 24 hours. Note: they are still out of stock but watch this space for a re-stock.

If you’re on cusp of succumbing to the light side or it’s just really cold outside, you won’t need much persuading on the awesomeness of onesies. If you are in the negative, may we present you with the following 12 onesies to help over the line and get on board the onesie train. Toot toot.


1. ASOS grey marle animal onesie BUY HERE.

2. Boohoo blue onesie BUY HERE.

3. Supre black onesie BUY HERE.


4. Boohoo aztec printed onesie BUY HERE.

5. Target  Fleece jumpsuit BUY HERE (I have this one – no bumflap- and such a bargain!).

6. Target thermal onesie BUY HERE.

7. Peter Alexander pastel leopard onesie BUY HERE.

8. New Look maternity onesie BUY HERE.

9. Onepiece Original Onesie Hippy BUY HERE.

10. Topshop unicorn onesie BUY HERE.

11. Boohoo Janye Stripe onesie BUY HERE.

12. ASOS Onesie style in zebra BUY HERE.

So how’d we go? You’re either feeling one of two emotions right now:

Onesies, shit yeah!

or this:

But may I tempt you with two more:

Via Etsy.


Does it help that celebrities are also not immune to the onesie charm?

Adult onesies: yes or no? And if yes, bumflap or no bumflap?