The woman who lives her life as an adult baby. Complete with nappies and a cot.

We’ve seen many shocking things. Feeder fetishes and Dr Pimple Popper’s ghastly videos just to name a few.

What we haven’t seen is the new phenomenon of completely grow up adults regressing into a state of baby-hood. People who enjoy acting and being treated like a newborn.

One such individual is 21-year-old Jess, who lives with her boyfriend David, and a giant cot where she hangs out screaming and wailing like a one-year-old throwing a tantrum.

Jess describes to Barcroft TV the act of being a baby as “really comfortable” and admits she does actually pee in the nappies when she changes over from adult to child. She just doesn’t “do the other thing” in them.

Jess drinking from a sippy cup. Image: Barcroft TV/YouTube.

Her boyfriend David refuses to take off her dirty nappies, but he has agreed to putting her in a clean one initially. Which is nice of him.


The couple refer to what they do as "age play" and say it isn't sexually stimulating in any way, but David does enjoy being her "Daddy" and looking after Jess.

When trying to understand where the fascination with age play came from, Jess admits it may have been her real abusive childhood that led to her wanting to recapture the innocence she wasn't subjected too.

Jess calls David 'Daddy'. Image: Barcroft TV/YouTube.

She counts drinking out of sippy cups, dancing in cute dresses, watching kids movies, and colouring in as some of her favourite activities to do while she's behaving like a toddler.

Jess just hopes by speaking out about what she's interested in, more people fill find the practice more acceptable in the wider community.

You can watch an interview with Jess here.