What not to say to the parents of adopted children.

This dad was tired of people asking him inappropriate questions about his adopted daughter. So he did this.

A new video illustrates the correct etiquette to display when asking about an adopted child.  This dad’s golden rule is – if you wouldn’t say it about a boob job, don’t say it about an adoptive family.

Simple words to live by? Or just a silly joke?

Well the post was created by an American couple with three children, two biological and one adoptive, who’ve been asked a serious of awkward questions over the years about their adopted child.

Jesse Butterworth (the star of this video) concedes that the people who ask inappropriate things probably don’t mean to be rude. They just don’t know how to frame their questions in an acceptable way.

It’s starts out as a public service announcement:.

One side of the frame shows an inappropriate question being posed to someone who's had a boob job.  And on the other side, the same question's being asked to the parents of an adopted child.

The first one:

Boob Job: Are those real?

Adoption: Are that your REAL child?

Jesse's response: Yes she is real, she is not a unicorn. The questions you are looking for: Is she your biological daughter?


Boob job: Did you pick those out yourself?

Adoption: Did you get to pick the kid that you wanted?

Jesse's response: No, we didn't go in and haggle to find the cutest red headed, singing orphan. The right question is: How does the adoption process actually work?

Other questions you shouldn't ask (to boob jobs or adoptive parents):

Do you mind if I touch those?

Do you love your boobs even though they aren't really yours?

Weren't you worried they weren't going to look right?

Wow, how much did those cost?

So remember:

It's all very funny.  But what makes it endearing is that these are all real questions that were asked of a real person.  And there are some pretty awful offensive questions!  It takes a couple of brave souls to turn it into something funny.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

Would you add anything to this list of inappropriate questions about adoption?

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