More than 45,000 Australians are walking around in these shoes right now.

As we speak, over 45,000 Australians are walking our red-dusted country wearing the same pair of shoes.

(And no, we don’t mean thongs.)

Online retailer The Iconic has released some fascinating stats from its customers’ shopping habits this year and one thing is clear – in 2017, there was one shoe that ruled them all.

In fact, you might have even contributed to the figure and bought yourself a pair.

You see, over 45,678 pairs (yes, PAIRS) of Adidas Original Stan Smith shoes were sold on the site this year.

That’s like the entire population of Monaco (and then some) buying a pair of the $130 (but currently on sale for $78 shoes).

Image: Adidas

This is likely due to the explosion of sneakers as a wearable fashion trend over the past year and the increasing profile of activewear.


Being a unisex shoe that can be worn by all ages also helps.

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First introduced in 1963, the shoe takes its name from former No.1 tennis player Stan Smith. However sales slowed so much that Adidas took it off the shelves completely in 2012, before relaunching in 2014.

Image: Getty

It worked - According to an Adidas spokesperson, the company sold more Stan Smiths in 2014 than in 2010 to 2013 combined, Business Insider reports.

Since then, the white sneaker with its signature emerald green back has enjoyed cult-cool status, spotted everywhere from the red carpet to photoshoots and now, all over the streets of Australia.