WATCH: Adele prank a group of Adele impersonators.

Take Adele, add a prosthetic nose and chin, and viola you’ve got one perplexed group of impersonators.

This week, the singing superstar decided to have a little bit of fun with Graham Norton, and transformed herself into Jenny, a quiet lady who is a nanny by day and an Adele impersonator by night.

Yep, it’s basically impersonator-ception.

The result? One of the best celebrity pranks we’ve seen this year. As hilarious as it is, it still managers to pack an emotional punch though. Because Adele, as she always does, leaving us in a puddle of tears. But they’re happy tears, we swear.

The woman just brings all of the feels.

We’re still surprised that a nose and chin can make someone look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! She would’ve had us fooled, that’s for sure.

Adele, come and collect your crown, because you are officially Queen of The Universe. (You might have to share it with Jennifer Lawrence, AKA The other equal Queen of The Universe… hope that’s OK.)

What did you think of Adele’s impersonator prank?

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