'Hello from the Motherside': The best Adele parody yet.

Adele’s hit Hello is likely to leave the listener in tears. And this parody will do the same, but for a completely different reason.

In a funny-but-true spoof, singer-songwriter Emily Mills shares the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

“Hello. It’s me. I would love to grab a glass of wine and maybe a grilled cheese, but I got kids I have to feed. I got one in volleyball and one who’s coming home with Ds,” she begins.

Watch it here:

Video via Emily Mills

Mills pulls out all the big guns: maths homework, wine cravings and facial whiskers.

“Hello. Mama, how you been? And I can tell you’ve been stress eating from the Cheetos on your hand. It’s OK, you need a win. You’ve been plucking facial whiskers and your thighs touch skin-to-skin,” she sings.

“So, hello from the Motherside, I think I might break down and cry ‘cos I love my children but I don’t want any more. Can someone pass me the Pinot Noir?”

It’s been viewed more than 400,000 times in the five days since it was posted to YouTube. Though only a fraction of the 660 million views that Adele’s clip has received, it’s an impressive sum nonetheless.

Let’s hope she enjoyed that well-deserved Pinot Noir.

If you need a refresher, this is Adele’s version:

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