Adele's apology to her fans: "I don't even know how to start this..."

Adele has issued a lengthy apology to her fans on Instagram, announcing she’s cancelling the last two shows of her tour.

The 29-year-old began: “I don’t even know how to start this. The last two nights at Wembley have been the biggest and best shows of my life. To come home to such a response after so long away, doing something I thought I could never pull off but did, has blown me away.”

The ‘Hello’ singer explained she had struggled vocally both nights, and felt like she had to push a lot harder than normal.

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Adele said she visited her throat doctor and found she has damaged her vocal cords, and because of this, will not be able to perform at Wembley Stadium on Saturday and Sunday night.

“To say I’m heartbroken would be a complete understatement. I’m already maxed out on steroids and aids for my voice,” she wrote.

She said she was “so desperate” to do Saturday night’s show, she had even considered “miming” it. However, the singer feels she couldn’t do that to her fans.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for your disappointment,” she wrote. “I’m sorry for the nights you would have had with your loved ones and the memories you would have made together.”

Adele’s fans were quick to comment on her post, reassuring the star and sending her messages of support.

London / Wembley Stadium / Jun 28

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“I hope you’ll get better love, OMG we all are here and support you, take care of yourself first your most important,” one person wrote.

“Bless you Adele, your voice is a gift and you need to take care,” added another.

Adele finished off her post with a heartfelt apology to her fans: “I’m sorry. I love you, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”