Adele's album was under wraps for two years, but days from the big release it has been leaked.

For two years, Adele has kept her new album under tight wraps.

The fiercely private singer had carefully planned a simultaneous worldwide launch of her new album, 25, on Friday.

In fact, Adele had said the only person she had played the masterpiece to in full was her manager, Jonathan Dickins.

But just days before the scheduled launch, her entire album was reportedly leaked online.

London-based store Juno Records apparently posted two-minute snippets of every song on the album on their website, UK tabloid The Sun reports.

Watch Adele’s the film clip to Adele’s emotional (and crazy popular) ballad, Hello:

Video via AdeleVEVO

The content was removed after media reported the breach.

There were also suggestions the album was leaked out of Target in the US.

A Twitter user posted a picture of the cover, asking if followers wanted her to leak the album.

Unsurprisingly, Adele’s camp threatened to sue her, telling her: “Please remove any infringing material from any media source or legal action will be taken.”


A ‘music industry source’ told The Sun that unlike most artists, Adele was careful about which singles she released prior to the album launch and was due to appear on The Graham Norton Show on Friday.

“This throws the most carefully planned album campaign in years into crisis,” the unnamed source said.

“Everything had been built up around a massive surprise on Friday, when the album was going to be released in every territory around the world.”

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“But what’s going to be most devastating for her is people hearing the songs in an unfinished form online.”

There are fears the leak could hurt album sales, though with her last album, 21, selling 30 million copies worldwide, it probably won’t matter all that much…