Adelaide Airport had a bomb scare. Turns out, it was just this little guy.

Adelaide airport bomb scare


A little bunny had a hare-raising experience the other night when he found himself at the centre of a bomb scare at Adelaide Airport.

The abandoned but adorable little rabbit – who is only about one year old – was left inside an unattended pink Lorna Jane bag in the female toilet. When security officials noticed the bag, unaware of what was in it, they informed the bomb squad to investigate.

“We had a hutch something might be a bit bunny when the bag started moving” explained the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on their Facebook page. “Turns out there was no cause fur alarm, as inside was an extremely cute but wascaly wabbit”.

The AFP then called the RSPCA in South Australia and Rescue Officer Nalika Van Loenen came to the bunny’s rescue.

While the rabbit waited, the police put the bunny in a large box and got some shredded carrots from the nearby Subway to keep the male bunny comfortable.

“This is the first job of this kind that I’ve come across in my 26 years of service with RSPCA,” Rescue Officer Van Loenen said.


“The young male rabbit is clearly very well socialised and cared for. He is even harness trained.”

The AFP then called the RSPCA in South Australia and Rescue Officer Nalika Van Loenen came to the bunny's rescue! Image via Facebook.

"Don’t worry, be hoppy, the bunny is in the safe care of RSPCA South Australia and is no worse fur wear. He doesn’t seem to carrot all about all the fuss" the AFP assured the Australian public.

As for how the bunny got there, it remains a mystery. But Officer Van Loenen said "he could have been leaving the country and knew by leaving their pet in a populated area he would be found and cared for. Or they may have been planning on smuggling him on board a plane, but backed out at the last minute".

Image via Facebook.

"We’re hoptimistic that someone may know the owner and get in touch" says the AFP.