WATCH: The rant that will have you high-fiving your screen.

Adam Hills, hero.




In a rant that will have you high fiving your screen, Australian comedian Adam Hills has completely destroyed Joan Rivers over her ‘fat’ comments about Adele on the Letterman show.

Joan Rivers appeared on the Letterman show, and said a number of appalling things about Adele, among them, “[Adele] sang it live… She kept saying ‘My throat, my throat, I don’t know if I can swallow’. And I said, ‘Yeah you can swallow.'” Rivers then held her arms out to the side, to indicate what she thought of Adele’s body shape. Nice, Joan.

Adam Hills, then decided to say what all sane people were thinking: Joan Rivers, you’re being a dick.

Adele with her Oscar and Joan Rivers on the David Letterman show.

If you run a bank that made a 5 billion pound loss, but you’re still paying bonuses of 607 million pounds, you’re being a dick. If you’re a counselor that said disabled children should be put down, you’re being a dick and we will not talk about you anymore on this show.

If you make fat jokes about Adele, you’re being a dick. And I’m referring to you Joan Rivers.

I hope you know this.

Seth McFarlane started it at the Oscars, but then after the Oscars Joan Rivers tweeted, quote, “You could easily pick Adele’s statuette out of a lineup, it was the only one wearing Spanx”. Then, she went on the Letterman show and made a whole bunch of awful jokes, including saying, “I met Adele” and then she went… [holds arms out wide and blows out through cheeks].

Fuck you.

How dare you make fun of one of the best female role models on the planet for the way she looks. Adele is one of the very few women in pop music that I want my daughter to look up to – and you’re making jokes about the way she looks? When you’re so insecure about your own face, you’ve spent more money on it than the producers of Life of Pi spent on that tiger?

[Audience cheers.] I’m not finished!

I’ve met Adele and she was lovely and hot. You, Joan Rivers, have become a jaded bitter old mole. Get a plastic surgeon to manufacture yourself a new soul. Stop being such an enormous hypocritical insensitive dick.

Vote 1 Adam Hills.

You can watch the clip from his show below.

Vote 1 Adam Hills, indeed.