'We are better than locking children up in mental illness factories': Adam Bandt

‘I refuse to believe our only choice is between people dying at sea and child abuse.’

Greens MP Adam Bandt summed up the feelings of many Australians in a passionate address on ABC’s Q&A last night.

Mr Bandt said the legacy of Labor’s policies on detention centres have led to the nation’s current appalling situation, where doctors are refusing to send children back to detention centres because it goes against their duty to not cause harm.

“No one wants to see people dying at sea, but I refuse to believe that our only choice is between people dying at sea and child abuse. I refuse to believe that,” he said.

Adam Bandt Detention centres
Detention centres are “mental illness factories”, Adam Bandt says.

“As Australians, I believe that we are a generous people and we can find a better way that allows people to come here through safer pathways so that they don’t die at sea, and so that we don’t lock them up and destroy lives.

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“And I think in a generation or two – probably even sooner than that – kids are going to be saying to their parents, ‘Well, what did you do while children were being locked up and lives destroyed?'”

Cue applause.

Well said, Mr Bandt.

Watch the segment here:

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