This is the definitive act of kindness you can give any parent these holidays.

For many of us, it’s school holidays.


For those of us who live in a child-free bubble, this time of year means we’re loving the lighter traffic on the roads and the empty seats on trains. But for those parents with kids, this time of year can be a shitstorm.  School sport stops. After-school care stops. There’s nothing to keep the kids busy for eight hours a day while you’re at work.

So what the heck can you do with the kids while you bundle off to work everyday?

Ask Bossy. She knows.

On this week’s episode of the Mamamia Outloud podcast, editor in chief (and key to all knowledge) Kate De Brito, got all misty-eyed over a school holidays random act of kindness.

Listen to Kate, Mia Freedman and Monique Bowley discuss this act of kindness on this week’s episode (post continues after audio):

Things got a little too real for KBD after receiving a text message from her cousin, offering to mind her daughters for a couple of days.

My cousin has texted me and said to me, ‘do you want to send the kids next week for a couple of days?’ Our other cousin’s boys are going down… I feel a bit emotional thinking about it”. 

But Monique just didn’t quite understand how one small gesture could mean so much to a parent.

‘I have a question, are you going to go with them? Or is this a respite situation?’

The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that more than 1.5 million Aussie children aged 12 and under are enrolled  in child care services.  And a lot of parents in the workforce today know only too well the struggle of making arrangements for children during school holidays while also trying to balance work commitments. As KDB explains, it isn’t about having a break from your children, it’s about knowing that your child is somewhere safe, with someone who loves them.

According to Kate, this act of kindness is the best thing you could do for a parent.

“If you can do something this month, think of someone in your life who has kids, it doesn’t have to be someone in need, make that offer because it’s the most awesome act to offer your time like that”.

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Would you be happy to take care of someone else's children for a couple of days?

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