The selfie trend teaching young adults to be comfortable in their own skin.

Just as one selfie trend disappears, rest assured another one will always pop up to take its place. We’ve seen #NoMakeup, been privy to #NoFilter shots and we prefer to forget the more ludicrous ones like the #FuneralSelfie and #AfterSex selfies.

The latest trend however, has put a spotlight on something teenagers (and let’s face it, people of any age really) usually try and hide.

Introducing the #AcneCream selfie.

The trend started back in February when everybody’s favourite teen and overall awesome human being, Lorde, Instagrammed a selfie of herself casually chilling in bed in Paris while rocking her acne cream.

#AcneCream selfies are taking over the makeup-laden duck faces, the glossy trout pouts and the startled sparrow faces to create a bit of #realtalk and give a realistic take on what it’s like to go through puberty (and adulthood, because whoever says acne doesn’t exist after your teenage years LIED).

So while it may be ‘just another ridiculous selfie trend’ it’s one of the more honest portrayals out there. When high-profile people like Lorde and fashion guru and founder of Rookie Tavi Gevison get on board and show it’s okay to have flaws, it’s another subtle reminder to young girls that nobody is perfect. That it’s okay to wake up not having glowing, picture perfect skin and that it’s an issue that everyone deals with at some stage or another – even our favourite celebs.

So if we have to #Acnecream to go #makeupfree and use #nofilter then so be it. There’s absolutely no shame in that.

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