According to experts there is an ideal time to poo.

According to experts, there is an ideal time to poo.

Dumping, laying cable, baiting the trap, building a log cabin, pinching one off, backing out a big brown motorhome. Whatever way you want to put it, poo’s are normal part of life and according to some experts number two’s should be your number one on the list of daily ‘to do’s’.

Women’s Health magazine recently enlisted the help of a gastroenterologist to help determine whether or not there was an ideal time of the day when one should be releasing a brown snake back into it’s watery home.

Apparently, friends, that time is the morning.

Occupied (istock)

Yep, I know you’ve got a lot to do between the alarm going off and sauntering into the office but somehow you should be making the time to turn on the sausage maker.

Here’s the reasoning.

While your body is sleeping your digestive system is still hard at work processing all the dinner you ate the night before. By the time you wake, your system needs to cleanse itself of the excess waste before you bombard it with more. Hence why you need some private time in the small room.

To keep things running smoothly, experts suggest that your daily breakfast should include fibre, a small cup of coffee (if you’re so inclined) and a large glass of water. Maintaining a diet of this kind will help keep you regular and will encourage your body to visit the john at the ideal time.

A small cup of coffee can aid the digestive system (istock)

However, doctors are quick to point out that one person’s digestive system is different from the next and your daily habits can differ greatly from your friends and still be normal (although that’s probably not really an appropriate question for co-workers). You should, however, get things checked out if you’re only dropping anchor three times or less per week.

People are also warned about spending too long on the toilet trying to produce the goods. If you’re straining, or spending more than five minutes trying to wake up Winnie the Pooh, you may be at risk of developing haemorrhoids so take a break and re-visit things later on. In other words, play your candy crush elsewhere.