Alex's nan accidentally decorated her Christmas tree with erotic g-strings.

Christmas is such a wholesome family occasion, isn’t it?

Young and old breaking bread and enjoying each other’s company, some celebrating the life of sweet baby Jesus.

There’s absolutely nothing sexual about it. That is except if you’re in one particular family who’ve gone viral because of a very, erm, unfortunate error.

When Alex visited her 74-year-old grandmother to help decorate her Christmas tree, a set of sparkly purple Christmas baubles immediately caught her eye.

She soon discovered they were not Christmas baubles at all. Nor designed to hang on her Nan’s tree.

“My 74-year-old grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunnes Stores,” Alex wrote on Twitter.

“I have just realised upon decorating her tree that unbeknownst to her upon purchase, they are in fact, lavender glitter G-strings.

“Wishing everyone a kinky Christmas this holiday season.”

Predictably, hilarity ensued in the comments section, mainly because it would appear Grandmas are notoriously cheeky things.

The whole debacle is both the most uncomfortable and heartwarming Christmas decoration horror story we’ve heard this year, if ever.

If only we could’ve been there to see the look on nan’s face when she realised she’d purchased a bunch of g-bangers. Or the shop assistants who sold her them.