A pregnant woman wants to sit down on a train. You'll never believe what happens next...


Yet another abusive passenger on public transport has launched a tirade at a fellow commuter.


A woman, who was seven months pregnant at the time of filming in February, needed to sit down in the packed train, so asked another female commuter if she could move her bag from the empty seat next to her.

The commuter refused, and went on to call the pregnant woman a ‘fat slut’.


But due to increasing pressure from other passengers, the rude commuter eventually moved her belongings so the pregnant woman could sit down. She was not happy about it though, and continued to abuse the pregnant woman for forcing her to move her bag. Which quite obvioulsy needed the seat more than you know, the WOMAN GROWING AN ENTIRE PERSON IN HER STOMACH.

Thankfully, some of the train passengers stepped up, and eventually most of those in the carriage joined in calling her out for her disgusting behaviour.

And subsequently restored everyone else’s faith in humanity.

The video currently has over 115,000 views and counting.

Rude and abusive passengers: be warned…

What do you think of the actions of the abusive passenger? Would you have stepped in?