Mamamia Complaints Policy

At Mamamia, we pride ourselves on our close and reciprocal relationship with our audience. 

If we get something wrong - we want to know about it. 

Our Complaints Policy has three levels to it. 


To submit a query or make a complaint about any content that appears on any of Mamamia’s platforms, the first step is to contact Mamamia’s Editor. 

You can do that by emailing

Or by completing an enquiries form on our website.

You will receive notification that your complaint has been received and outlining next steps for recourse.

The issue will be reviewed by the Editor, any relevant content creators and managers within Mamamia’s business.

In assessment of appropriate response it will be considered whether the issue is in conflict or falls outside of Mamamia’s Editorial Guidelines and requires further review. 

The Editor reserves the right not to consider complaints:

  • Lodged by someone who is not personally or directly affected by the matter upon which the complaint is based
  • That are matters of personal opinion 

If the complaint concerns one of our commercial partners, they will be notified and the complaint will transfer to the company’s own official feedback systems. 


If an issue is found to conflict with our editorial guidelines, the complaint will be contacted and consulted with about several internal steps to address. 

  1. Correction. If an article is altered or amended as the result of the complaint, that will be reflected in a note appearing at the end of the article with a date and the relevant context in brief.

  2. Removal of the piece of content concerned. Mamamia only removes content from its platforms in cases of serious breach of editorial guidelines or press standards as advised by the Australian Press Council.

  3. Apology. In serious cases of misrepresentation or breaching of guidelines, an apology will be published on the relevant Mamamia platform. The complainant will be consulted about the content, wording and position of the published apology.


If none of Mamamia’s avenues of address are considered appropriate, a complainant may submit their complaint to the Australian Press Council’s Press Complaints Commission for review at