Accused: Peppa Pig, a tool for dangerous feminist left-wing propaganda.

Image via Josh Forward (@JoshFo) on Twitter.


UPDATE: Peppa Pig may be the one thing both the Labor and Liberal parties can agree on.

After ABC Managing Director Mark Scott’s appearance at Senate estimates, where he indicated that Peppa Pig might not survive ABC cuts, politicians from the major parties have joined a parliamentary lobby group – Parliamentary Friends of the ABC. The group is advocating for a well-resourced public broadcaster. 

Malcolm Turnbull even tweeted: “Contrary to media rumours, Peppa‘s is one snout we are happy to have in the ABC trough.”

Yesterday Mamamia reported that Peppa Pig may not survive budget cuts to the ABC.

The ABC’s funding has been trimmed by 1 per cent over the next four years by the federal budget —  and when ABC managing director Mark Scott was quizzed about the future of the program in Senate estimates hearings today, he gave no guarantees.

Labor Senator Louise Pratt asked if “Peppa Pig is safe from cuts, particularly from conservatives concerned about her dangerous feminist ideology?”, the ABC reports.

“We have contracts to continue to deliver Peppa Pig, but of course the service we provide depends on the funding envelope provided,” Mr Scott said.

Here’s what Mamamia editor Jamila Rizvi wrote when Peppa Pig faced criticism last year… 

It’s over ABC. The game is up. Australia’s public broadcaster has been discovered, uncovered and the dark truth has been exposed to the world.

The ABC have been using children’s television character Peppa Pig, as a tool to spread dangerous left-wing messages and promote the establishment of a socialist state. For some time the community has suspected that Peppa was a secret distributor of feminist propaganda. But it took the unparalleled journalistic bravery of The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Akerman to prove once and for all the underlying foulness of Peppa Pig and her family of fellow pigs.


Today however, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and her brother George stand abashed. Revealed for what they truly are: A family of communist, gay rights-loving, monarchy bashing, anti-family, anti-free-market, piggies. For shame ABC, for shame. Piers Akerman writes:

“It’s been a bad week for the taxpayer-funded ABC, and its attempts to foist its Left-wing agenda on the nation…. Even the cartoon character Peppa Pig pushes a weird feminist line that would be closer to the hearts of Labor’s Handbag Hit Squad than the pre-school audience it is aimed at”.

Let’s use just one example for illustrative purposes. Observe below: Peppa Pig goes to the Fun Fair.

In this particular piece of Evil Leftist Revolutionary Video Footage, Mummy Pig goes to the carnival but the animals running the rides tell her that woman pigs can’t complete each of the tasks. One is a game of chance, one a game of skill and the final one is a game of strength.

hippy feminist

She narrows her piggy eyes at them, boldly goes where no lady pig has gone before and wins the game!

How very DARE SHE.

What’s more, Mummy Pig wins a prize of teddies. That’s right. Teddies. Clearly this is a nod to Theodore Roosevelt, who once said “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far” which was probably code for “bring on the revolution! Pompous right-wing newspaper columnists will be the first up against the wall!”

Let’s break this shit down further. Because clearly Piers is onto something.

A brief scan of the internet uncovers a barrage of socialist propagandist material that would make Karl Marx proud. And all of it hidden within the seemingly sweet presentation of Peppa Pig and co. Here are seven of the most alarming discoveries:


1. When Peppa introduces her family in the opening credits, she names Mummy Pig before Daddy Pig. #Feminist

2. Peppa wears a red dress. This is the colour of socialist rebellion. She may as well be carrying a copy of Mao’s little red book around in her pocket.

3. Brother George is often portrayed as a bit of a dunce, especially compared to clever sister pig Peppa. AS IF THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. A SMART GIRL?

4. Peppa eats a lot of food. Some would inaccurately perceive this to be because Peppa is a pig. But no. Peppa is actually a Positive Body Image Warrior who believes women should not be subjected to unrealistic body standards and should be valued for things other than their appearances. DISGUSTING.

5. Look more closely and you see that Peppa regularly rolls in mud. Remember who else used to boldly stride through muddy fields to prove her independence and love of the outdoors? Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett, one of the world’s most famous literary feminist creations. WE CALL CONSPIRACY.

6. There is a Peppa Pig episode called The Rainbow, clearly a wildly inappropriate defence of the rights of gays and lesbians, aimed at poor innocent children. Shame on you ABC.

7. Finally, and perhaps most concerningly, Mummy Pig only has two little pigs. Clearly she’s using some kind of birth control, quite possibly having abortions left right and centre. There go the ABC again, promoting a shamelessly anti-family agenda.

We live in dark times friends. The evils of feminism and left-wing propaganda surround us, even in our children’s television programming. We ask you to remain alert, but not to be alarmed. Piers is here, and he’s got our backs.

Editor’s note: Please take this post in the spirit it is intended, which is as a piece of satire. The ABC are tops as, and do a remarkable job.