Coming soon: Pyjama-less Bananas. 3 Corners. And Continental News Breakfast.






Will the Bananas even be able to afford pyjamas without $254 million?

Will Doctor Who become a mere Mr Who if he can’t afford to pays his medical degree HECS debt?

Forget the full hot 3 hour long buffet, because Virgina Trioli and Michael Roland will only be with you for Continental News Breakfast in the morning.

And if Gardening Australia loses its funding, our screens will only ever be graced with bonsai sized trees?

The Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said today that a 4.6 percent cut would apply to the ABC’s future funding. That works out to around $254 million over the next five years. Turnbull’s confirmation comes despite a firm promise by Prime Minister Abbott ahead of the 2013 election that there would be no funding cuts to ABC or SBS. So much for that, huh?

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull insists that the ABC can make the cuts without axing any of its programming; that some of the bureaucratic fat and red tape could be removed without the network’s viewers and listeners being affected. But this hasn’t stopped angry protest rallies being planned all over the country for the weekend and thousands taking to social media to express their discontent.

And you know what? Those ABC viewers are a smart bunch, and so are their mightily pissed off tweets.

The hashtag #ABCbudgetcutshows is now trending worldwide as users reimagine the names of their favourite television shows but produced with a whole lot less cash. 4 Corners becomes only 3 Corners. Sesame Street becomes Sesame Streetwalker.

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