"Pain changes people, immensely." Abby Gilmore's raw words for her fellow single parents.

Abby Gilmore has shared a brutally honest and uplifting message to single mums.

The blogger, who’s a 23-year-old single mum-of-two, said she’s often asked how she manages to do it all, while maintaining such a positive attitude.

“I don’t have the answers people, I’m still discovering them myself,” she began. “But I do believe that pain changes people, immensely.”

“I’ve grown a lot as an individual, I’ve done things I didn’t think I would ever have to. I’ve met people I never thought I needed but so thankful I have. Life took me down a path I least expected and today’s one of the days I’m left thinking ‘why’ again? ”


Gilmore admitted she has good days and bad days, but the good days are now starting to outnumber the bad days.

“You will get there,” she told her followers. “But you need to know it’s not a sprint. It’s the longest loneliest marathon you’ve ever been a part of.”

The blogger explained that as a single mum you have “people around most of the time but you still feel alone”, and while you take advice from people who “go home to their happy families” at night, you’re left wondering where it all went wrong.

“It’s just a constant sh*t fight, not to mention the effects it has on your kids which you are forever told ‘at least it happened while they’re young'”.


Gilmore finished off her post with a rallying message of support for single mums and dads.

“I can’t take your pain away,” she wrote. “And I can bet my life our situations are very different BUT we are both facing the same battles inside and I don’t know about you but I feel better knowing others are doing it too.”

“I’d be nowhere without the support of a few special friends and family, but eff me it’s challenging to figure out the perfect balance.”

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Gilmore’s post has already received over 3000 likes and many people have commented, thanking the blogger for her searingly honest post.

“Yes, it’s a long lonely road at times,” one person wrote. “But I keep going for the strength my 3 children give me. My motto is a bad day is only 24 hours.”

“This makes me cry, I have lived what your living right now and it’s horrible. Trust me you will get through this, you won’t even know how but one day you wake up and you will be able to breathe without such a heavy feeling on your chest,” added another.

“Thank you for this post. I’m going through the exact same thing and what you’ve written is everything that’s going through my head too, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone as terrible as that sounds.”

Are you a single parent? What do you think of Abby’s message?