AFL star Jake Stringer responds to rumours his ex-fiancée and best friend are together.

AFL star Jake Stringer has responded to rumours his ex-fiancée and mother of his two children, Abby Gilmore, is in a relationship with his best friend.

Stringer and close mate Jason Johannisen – both 2016 premiership players from the Western Bulldogs – have experienced a form slump in recent weeks, something gossip mongers have extrapolated into a damaging story. A story the 23-year-old father says is fictitious.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the star forward wrote: “Let’s all get one thing straight!!! Abby is the best mum to my little girls and has not done one thing WRONG EVER.”

Stringer went on to say Johannisen is like “a brother” to him.

“So if you wanna talk crap leave my family and mates alone go else cause it’s all bullshit!” he wrote, adding the hashtag #ENDOFSTORY.

Gilmore, a very successful blogger, also took to the photo sharing app to comment on the rumour and “useless articles” circulating about the faux love-triangle.

“It’s getting super old, Jason is my best mate and that’s it. That’s literally it. There is no story. I don’t it, I don’t get why people assume more,” the 23-year-old of According To Abby said in her Instagram Story.

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“Put me on live TV and hook me up to a lie detector… honestly, I feel like that’s what it’s come to. I’ve never touched Jason and I don’t ever plan on it.

“He’s one of my best friends and always will be… what happened with Jake and I had absolutely nothing to do with Jason.”

Stringer and Gilmore parted ways shortly after the birth of their second daughter, Arlo. They had been together since they were 13.

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Gilmore has been instrumental in spreading awareness about post-natal depression – something she herself has suffered from – on her self-titled blog.

You can check out more of Abby Gilmore’s work at her blog, here. (We highly recommend it.)