The best thing about Ab Fab's return has nothing to do with the film.

Pour yourself a flute of Bollinger, get comfy: Eddie and Patsy are back.

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, the British comedy duo that created BBC’s popular TV show Ab Fab, are doing the rounds promoting their new movie, aptly titled, Ab Fab: The Movie.

Kate Moss was seen posing with the pair in front of photographers at the London premiere. Kylie Minogue gushed about attending. And you can guarantee tickets will be selling faster than you can utter “Sweetie Darling” when the movie is released in the coming weeks.

But it’s not the film that’s the real winner in this scenario — not yet, at least. I’ve been cheering every time Saunders and Lumley make another public appearance for a different reason: because of what they’re wearing.

Ab Fab

Image: Getty. Jennifer Saunders (L) and Joanna Lumley (R).

Saunders is 59 years old and Lumley is 70 (yes, it makes those of us who loved the show in the ‘90s feel very old indeed). Sadly, they're deemed ancient by Hollywood standards, yet they haven’t waved fashion’s white flag in defeat.

In fact, they shoved the damn flag in their pipe and smoked it.

The duo has obliterated the tired and cliched “dress your age” crap, and are instead dressing for how they feel. Which is pretty damn wonderful by the looks of things.


Image: Getty.

They’re stylish. They wear colour - sparkles, even. Oodles of them. Leopard print clashed with other prints. Sports luxe capes. Ridiculously loud accessories. Red nails matched with red lipstick. Teetering heels.

Despite their ages, they haven’t succumb to the ridiculous stereotype of a woman in her later years donning pearls, flowing bland shirts and an array of white-to-cream slacks. They’re loath to be relegated to shopping in stores with names like “Deirdre Joan”.

The Ab Fab ladies prove racking up multiple candles on your cake is just that: absolutely bloody fabulous.

Absolutely fabulous

Image: Getty.

Yes, it’s clear their alter egos were front of mind when they were styled for the events, but in every outfit their effervescent-as-Bolly personalities shone through like the butt of Patsy’s perennially lit cigarette.

Any woman who’s approaching her seventies, or hopes to get there one day, can attest to the fact that Patsy, Eddie, Lumley and Saunders (because they all deserve a mention here) are a rainbow-coloured glimpse into an exciting sartorial chapter in your life.

If you look hard enough, you’ll see it gleaming at you from the horizon. (Post continues after gallery.)

The pair make me excited about the possibility of what I’ll be staring in the wardrobe at when I’m pushing 80. Hopefully there’s a fair amount of zebra print to choose from by then.

As Patsy and Eddie would surely agree, why age gracefully when you can age fashionably?

What do you think of their outfits?

Featured image: Getty