17 absolutely fabulous style moments from the Sydney premiere of Ab Fab: The Movie.

Last night Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) waltzed the red carpet for the Sydney premiere of Ab Fab: The Movie.

And if you thought the two hilarious Brits knew how to dress, you should take a look at the Aussie contingent who came along, had a glass of Bolly and sparkled. Yes, there were lots of sparkles.

1.Fiona Falkiner.

Voluminous bell sleeves, a choker and big, blingy earrings – Patsy and Eddie would be proud.

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Watch: Some of the best Ab Fab moments. Post continues after video.

Video via BBC

2. Nikki Phillips.

Break out the bandeau - the pant suit just got a glam makeover.


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3. Patsy and Eddie...

Is it..? Could it...? So much going on, they almost had us fooled. A brilliant effort.

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4. The real Patsy and Eddie.

The earrings. The quirky jackets. The poses. This is how you do it, darling.

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5. Kerri Anne Kennerley.

Too much sparkle? No. Such. Thing.

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Image: Getty.

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