The world's most ridiculous lawsuit is currently underway.

There are a few legal cases where you may catch yourself thinking, ‘only in America…’ and this may be the best one yet.

A woman in the United States is suing Starbucks for over $5 million on the claim they are misrepresenting how much fluid is actually sold in their cups.

Stacy Pincus from Illinois claims the coffee giant is shortchanging its customers by packing their cold beverages with too much ice.

According to documents obtained by CourthouseNews, the woman uses the Starbucks cup-size system as a way to further illustrate her case.

The ‘venti’ cup, for example, is meant to hold 709 mls.

Pincus claims the addition of ice can reduce this volume to as little as 414 mls because the “large pieces of ice take up more space.”

This seemingly obvious trade of liquid for solid water serves as the basis of the claim but it’s not its sole line of argument.

Pincus has also noted that hot Starbucks beverages typically cost less than cold ones, further adding to the alleged shortchanging.

This is something I too have noticed – however, I have a hunch that my half-sweet-soy-caramel-shot, whipped-chipped-clipped-frappa-wappa-cinno may have ingredients that cost slightly more than a long black.

The suit is considered a class-action as Pincus intends to sue on the behalf of everyone who has bought a cold drink from the company over the past 10 years.

A Starbucks spokesperson who spoke to TMZ gave the impression the case was ridiculous.

“Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any ‘iced’ beverage,” they said.

The representative also said that any customer unsatisfied with their beverage could have it remade upon request.

The story comes just one month after the multinational was reportedly sued for under-filling hot beverages.

There’s no ice but there’s a lot of milk. Watch as Those Two Girls take you through some unusual uses for breast milk…

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