To the frightened strangers inside Sydney’s Lindt Cafe.


To the strangers inside Sydney’s Lindt Cafe,

We don’t know you. We don’t yet know your names.  But you are all that we are thinking about today.

As wave of terrifying news breaks over wave of terrifying news, amid the white noise of rumour and panic, all we are thinking is this:

Not here. Not now. Not you.

“You are loved.”

The whole nation is holding its breath for you, hoping, hoping that when we exhale this horror will have ended. We hope, we wish, we pray that you will be home tonight, kissing your family, calling your friends to assure them that you are safe, holding your children close.

We listen to the statements of our leaders and try and be reassured by their calm demeanour. We know that it masks a horrific truth of terror. But we also know that measured calm is the most important thing right now. It is that, and having faith in our security forces to do what they have been trained to do, that will most likely bring all of you home safe.

The time for questions, speculation and blame will come. But it is not now. Because right now our minds and our hearts are consumed with you and you alone. These people who could have been any one of us, these people who are loved and cared for, these people who we are desperate will come out of this unharmed.

That’s all we wish for you right now. One simple thing- that you will get home safely.

All of our arms are around you right now. And if we could whisper in your ear, this is what we would say:

You are loved. You are loved.

And the whole country is standing with you.

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Please call the Australian National Security Hotline on the following information if you have any information: 1800 123 400