The 29-year-old woman who gave birth as a virgin.

The Motherish was contacted by a family member of the couple who wished to share this story. Names have been omitted to maintain privacy.

The Motherish has learned that in an Australian hospital, a 29-year-old woman gave birth as a virgin.

The doctors think she may have extreme vaginismus, which is when a vagina has painful contractions in response to physical contact, like sexual intercourse.

As a result the woman was scared of having sex – and so she never had intercourse with her husband.

The couple never had sex. Image via iStock.

Yet the couple really wanted to have a baby. However, as the wife couldn't have penetrative sex, her husband ejaculated and then he 'turkey basted' his wife using his fingers.

He and his wife fell pregnant through the unique method.

Here's a story explaining the journey a couple goes through when the woman has vaginismus. Post continues after the video...

During the pregnancy the woman had severe anxiety and so had to see doctors and counsellors to help her through the nine months. Yet she remained extremely anxious up until her birth.

The woman was booked in for a caesarean - so she didn't have to go through vaginal labour. But she went into labour early and did have a vaginal birth. She had an epidural to help with the pain but she was quite traumatised.

She was quite traumatised. Image via iStock.

After her pregnancy, the now-mum is continuing to see a counsellor to work through her fear, in the hope that she will be able to try and have sex.

Perhaps it was a miracle, or perhaps it was a good tactic. But either way, there is a woman in Australia who gave birth as a virgin.

What's the strangest birth or pregnancy story you've ever heard about?