Simon Cowell expecting baby with his friend's wife.


1. Whoa, Simon Cowell is going to be a dad.

The X Factor judge, 53, is expecting his first child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, 36, according to People.

The news is hot gossip because Lauren Silverman is married to Cowell’s close friend, real estate mogul Andrew Silverman.

Silverman is reportedly 10 weeks pregnant and a friend of the socialite told of MailOnline: “Lauren loves Simon, she says that she wants to marry him. And with the baby, she’s going the right way about it! But I think this could be really good for Simon.”

According to The Sun, Cowell’s mother, Julie, has said she’s thrilled at the prospect of becoming a grandmother: “I’m delighted. It’s wonderful.”

The Silvermans have reportedly filed for divorce, and Lauren and Cowell began a romantic relationship around a year after the Silverman’s marriage ended.

An assistant to Cowell’s U.K. rep has responded to the news, “This is a very sensitive issue and all media enquiries are being dealt with by his U.S. attorney.”

In an interview last year, Cowell said, “I do really, really like kids, because I can talk to them and listen to them,” he said.

“The problem has always been how much time you need to devote to bringing up kids and I’ve always dedicated all my life to work, and at 52, I’ve probably missed the opportunity.”


Wonder how Cowell is going to deal with the ex-factor…

2. George Clooney spent his latest paycheck on WHAT?! We are shocked, awed and find ourselves even more attracted to him than ever (yes, it’s possible). Read his awesome confession here.


3. Naked Princess Diana covers Vanity Fair’s 2013 style issue. Huh?

As a magazine editor what do you do to make your cover stand out from every one on the rack featuring Kate Middleton? Put a picture of her deceased mother-in-law instead.

Oh yes, Vanity Fair have chosen the late Princess Diana as the cover star for their 2013 Style issue.

Which is odd for a couple of reasons: one, it’s the style issue yet in the cover photo she has no clothes on. And two, well to be frank, she hasn’t been alive for over 15 years.

The other icky thing about this coverstory is the headline on the accompanying Vanity Fair article: The Grandmother Prince George Never Knew: Revisiting Diana and the True Love of Her Life.

We all know the tragic story, we all know Prince George won’t get to meet his father’s mother and to use this time to exploit the grief of the situation is appalling.

The VF article centres on the relationship the People’s Princess had with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan in the last few years of her life.

“Many close to Diana say her relationship with Khan was the most significant after Prince Charles, but beyond a secret romance, it was her shot at a normal life,” says Vanity Fair.


“The forthcoming film Diana, starring Naomi Watts as Di, focuses on the last two years of her life and specifically her relationship with Khan, who has not cooperated with the filmmakers.”

The most telling quote from the article seems to come from Diana herself, “Everybody sells me out,” she told a friend the summer of her death. “Hasnat [Khan] is the one person who will never sell me out.”

So Princess Diana didn’t want her secret relationship to be fodder for the press and Khan didn’t want to cooperate with the filmmakers so the reason they’re delving into her past again is what again? Oh, right to shift a few magazines.

4. Matt Damon has revealed the extraordinary lengths he went to for his latest role in the sci-fi thriller Elysium and we say THANK YOU. Hot pic and details here.

5. One Direction fans have completely sane reactions to GQ magazine cover of the band. Oh, wait.

When GQ unveiled One Direction as the cover stars of their September issue they weren’t expecting the immediate reaction from ‘Directioners’.

Fans took offence to the cover lines underneath each portrait of the band, in particular one on Harry Styles’ cover (from Daft Punk’s hit song), “He’s Up All Night To Get Lucky.”

You can see the full outrage here.


6. They earn millions of dollars from their acting gigs, so it seems a bit rich that these celebs are coming after our money now. Why not dig into their own pockets? Click for details.

7. Modern Family star’s mother loses bid to regain custody.

Ariel Winter who plays middle child, Alex Dunphy in Modern Family is embroiled in another custody dispute.

Her mother, Chrisoula Workman, was denied a request to stop her older daughter’s temporary guardianship of the 15-year-old Modern Family star.

The Associated Press reports that the judge stood by his decision allowing her sister, Shanelle Gray guardianship over Winter until October.

Workman denies the allegations made by Gray that she “slapped, hit, pushed” her daughter and deprived her of food.

She told the AP: “I’m the one being abused here.”

“I’m doing this for all stage mothers. This could happen to any of them.”

8. Claire Danes has revealed her fears about going back to work on the set of Homeland after giving birth to baby Cyrus. Read and empathise (kind of) here.

9. David Jones Spring Summer 2013 Launch.

As you may already be aware Miranda Kerr was dropped  no longer represents fashion retailer David Jones so this season’s Spring Summer launch heralded a change and her name is Jessica Gomes.

The 27-year-old model from Perth kicked off her debut in a Jade Jagger-esque white pantsuit by Willow and looking amazing in everything she donned from the Camilla kaftan to metallic lace and a blinged-out Jets swimsuit.