An open letter to moscato, truly the most underrated alcoholic beverage.

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Here's an undeniable truth: Sometimes saying sorry is the hardest thing to do. But I am not an unreasonable person — I can easily recognise when I've done wrong and I have very clearly not treated you the way someone deserves to be treated.

First, though, let me try to explain. 

I came to the ripe age of eighteen at a very different time. It was 2012, and I was still very much under the impression that the only girl to be was the ‘cool girl.’

Of course, that created one very distinct problem for me: by that point, I’d already chosen you as my preferred beverage and everyone had declared you overrated.

But let me make this clear: Brown Brothers Moscato, you were always my drink of choice, even if it didn’t always seem like it.

As hard as I fought against it, I couldn’t deny that girls who drank beer and whiskey were the cool girls. (Carrie Underwood, I’m looking at you here. If you know, you know.)

I couldn't quite stomach beer so I settled for cider. But, I promise you, that did not change a thing: you were still my favourite beverage. I swear it.

I know that’s what everyone seems to say, but I know I can say with absolute certainty that you were always my preference (and it wasn’t like I enjoyed it either).

But as I continued to choose others over you, you continued to stay true: On nights in with pizza, during countless rewatches of Buffy and One Tree Hill, and on karaoke nights in my sister’s apartment.

I sometimes even felt brave enough to introduce you to friends. Of course, that list was highly selective. After all, I couldn’t let my cool girl persona falter in front of the wrong group of people. Still, despite this, you stuck by me.

I knew how this must have looked. You would have felt used and discarded; only wanted when it was convenient for me.

While I continued to try other drinks in place of you on my drink order (I’m really sorry about my whiskey phase), you seemed to have shined without me. 

You started to expand your horizons, offering new and complex flavours.

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There were suddenly so many sides to you. You became a sparkling wine. You also found a new friend in Rosé, creating a whole new blend. 

You even changed up your appearance. Suddenly you were in a pretty little can and I found a whole new level of trust in you — I knew with certainty that if I had one can that meant I had drunk one standard drink. And for a mathematically challenged gal like me, this was music to my ears.


And while it may not have looked like it during our time apart, I managed to do some growing too.

Suddenly, I had hit my mid-twenties and came to a starting realisation: I shouldn't care what people think of me.

(Also, let’s be real: I was never the cool girl. I was far too much of a dork to ever be the cool girl and I came to happily accept that.) 

Soon though, that didn't even matter. We quickly ushered in the new world order where every girl was a cool girl. (Thank you, feminism.)

Suddenly, more of us felt brave enough to become their most authentic self.

Want to wear sneakers to the club? No problem. 

Want to listen to and openly love pop music? So you should because it’s good for your soul and no one can take that way from us. 

Want to drink Moscato despite its perceived uncoolness? Damn straight.

Though always a cautious person, I eased into it. 

It started out with a couple of dinners with friends but before I knew it, people quickly learned what wine to buy me for Christmas.

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However, the more open I was about you, the more I quickly realised I wasn’t the only one who had declared you their beverage of choice.

While some would demand exclusivity, I was over the moon to share a mutual preference with others.

And you, more than any drink, deserve the attention. 

Why? You are consistent, and in a world full of fleeting whims, I’d be crazy to complicate my pre-existing indecisiveness with yet another thing to pick.

It's always so great to know that when I need to head over to the bottle shop, I don't need to stand there for hours, staring at the shelves with a furrowed brow and a confused look on my face. 

I know that if I go for the original Moscato, I’ll be met with the beautiful smell of musk, citrus and grapes, and the vibrant sherbet flavour I enjoy so much.

I also know that you’ll always be there for my friends too — whenever we need you. Through celebrations and life-changing moments, you’re always up to be the thing that adds just a little extra sweetness to our lives.

Though, despite my recognition of all your qualities, I still continuously overlooked you. And that's not fair on you.

But you know all too well that I was a different person back then. And now, almost ten years on, I’m so proud to love you out loud.

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Remember to always drink responsibly.

If you think you may be experiencing a problem with alcohol, you can access free and confidential advice about alcohol and other drugs by calling the National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline on 1800 250 015 or check out DrinkWise for other support services and resources.

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