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The Mamamia Business Directory

We know Mamamia readers are an entrepreneurial lot. You’re also evangelical – once you see something, buy something or hear about something fabulous, you want to share it. Sharing is caring, after all. And we care a lot around here. Yes we do.

So here’s your chance to care. And share.

Today we are celebrating the launch of the Mamamia Business Directory, an online directory of small businesses and services tailored to the wildly vibrant and engaged Mamamia community and linked to this very website (check it out here).  If you’d like your business or service to appear on our directory just click here . Do it. Seriously, there are heaps of people coming to the Directory and if you have a product or service that you want people to know about you’ll want to be seen here

But just for today we’re giving you the chance to plug something you love on this post.  Every other day you can plug it in the Business Directory :-)

So tell us about the business or service provider that rocks your socks. It may be your own, the one you work for, or it might belong to a friend. It may be a website that sells cool stuff or a charity that could use a bit of interweb airtime.

A couple of rules to keep things tidy:

• One plug/comment per business.

• Try to keep it under 100 words and one pic (plus a link if you like)

• Think about the Mamamia community – smart, articulate Australian women.

You’ll see how much fun it is and what a response you get. And that buzz? You can extend it by having your product or service on the Mamamia Business Directory at

So after your own plug run, don’t walk to check out our new directory.  It’s early days so we can’t wait for you (and your friends and family) to build it up and make it sing.

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