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The top five Aussie snacks have officially been ranked. But does everyone agree?


If there’s one thing us Aussies love, it’s a snack.

In addition to our three square meals a day and two meat ‘n veg, we’re prone to the odd nibble or seven to keep us satisfied.

Despite the ‘wellness’ trend that’s currently got Australia in a choke hold, rest assured the unhealthy old fashioned favourites from yesteryear are still well and truly kicking.

Read on to find out if your go-to Aussie snack made Good Food’s top five list:

5. Meat Pie


America has the hamburger. England, a cooked English breakfast. But down under, it’s all about the meat pie. A staple at footy grounds across the country, one can hardly go wrong with a good ‘ol chunky beef pie.

Hitting our shores with the First Fleet, the history of one of Australia’s favourite snacks goes back as far as the middle ages when street vendors used the pastry casing to help cook the meat.

4. BBQ Shapes

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Having eaten thousands, if not MILLIONS of BBQ Shapes in my lifetime (that’s a story for another day), I can personally vouch for the true blue deliciousness of the humble green box. And Aussies agree, with over 53 million packets of shapes sold in our great nation every year.


Despite suffering a midlife crisis in 2016 with the infamous ‘new and improved’ flavour, Arnott’s Original BBQ Shapes will never go out of style.

Honestly, I’m surprised this one’s not higher up the list. C’mon, think of all that red delicious flavouring.

3. Sausage Sizzle

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It wouldn’t be an Australian Summer without a dinky di sausage sizzle in parks, backyards and Bunnings car parks.


Nothing fancy, just a cheap, plain beef sausage in a bit of highly processed white bread topped with tomato sauce. And onions if you’re feeling fancy.

There’s literally nothing more to it.

2. Golden Gaytime

Another Summer staple that holds its own all year round is the Golden Gaytime. But do you know just how close we came to never knowing its existence?

Introduced by Streets in 1959, the ice cream manufacturer explored a host of other flavours like Turkish Delight and Strawberry Shortcake before settling with its signature toffee vanilla.


1. Vanilla Slice

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Coming in at number one is everyone’s bakery favourite, the Vanilla Slice. While it’s exact origins are unknown, us Aussies have firmly cemented the French inspired pastry as one of our own.

Often the second course to a meat pie at a Saturday morning under 12’s AFL game, the Vanilla Slice is about as Aussie as it gets.

For more true blue Aussie snack favourites, check out the full list over on Good Food.