"I watched the most popular Christmas movie on Netflix. Here's what you need to know."

If you went on Netflix over the weekend, chances are you will have seen A Christmas Prince sitting right up there at the top, all obnoxious and ‘watch me’ like.

We phrased that as a question, but we all know you know exactly which movie we’re on about because binge watching TV is what weekends are for.

Anyhoo. Not long after it dropped, the world promptly lost its mind over it.

Don't pretend you haven't thought about watching this. Image: Netflix.

The low-budget movie follows the story of a young journalist at a New York fashion magazine, Amber, who is given her big break - to go to some random European country to cover the coronation of a playboy Prince, Prince Richard.


Wouldn't you know, she somehow manages to convince the royal family, who clearly don't take their home security very seriously, that she is in fact a tutor for the young Princess Emily, and then must chose between her career and getting to know the real Prince.

Despite the low budget movie being really quite terrible, the internet can't get enough of A Christmas Prince.




But before you go and dedicate two hours of your life watching this movie, here's what you need to know:

You're going to feel like you've seen it before.

Sure, a lot of bad movies can feel repetitive. But A Christmas Prince is pretty much a mashup of all my favourite rom-coms rolled up in tinsel.

First, we open with How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, with a journalist at a fashion magazine being given a salacious assignment.

Then, we roll into The Prince and Me, where an American girl learns a European playboy Prince is not a playboy at all, just a boy lost without his father.

You get Me Before You vibes when Amber shows Princess Emily life in a wheelchair can be fun. There's also a Princess Diaries makeover, only in this movie, you're left thinking the 'before' was probably better than the 'after'.

Also, Aldovia and Genovia are the same place, right?

Despite all these familiarities, somehow A Christmas Prince isn't annoying. We can't work out why, but it's not.

Things won't make sense.

While most films leave viewers with some unanswered questions, most manage to legitimately make sense.A Christmas Prince is not one of those movies.

While watching it, there will be a running dialogue in your head between the part of you who is perfectly happy to mindlessly binge watch TV, and the other part that NEEDS TO KNOW NOTHING MAKES SENSE.


For example:

If it's set in New York, why did they just show a shot of the Chicago River? A Chicago state flags?

Where in the world is Aldovia? Is it a British colony because why do they all have English accents? But then the castle looks like Neuschwanstein, so why aren't they German?

Why would a New York fashion magazine send a pleb underling to cover a royal coronation? Why would a New York fashion magazine send ~anyone~ to cover a royal coronation?

Is it appropriate for a child who does not have spina bifida? Or is it... problematic?

Eventually, you'll need to silence your mind and just watch the darn thing. Lower your expectations and enjoy.


You're going to hate yourself for kind of really enjoying it.

Pretend all you want to your friends, co-workers, your partner even. But this right here is a safe space, and you need to be prepared.

Because about halfway through watching this movie, you are going to realise you're having a good time. The corners of your moth will be upturned in something that resembles a half-smirk, half-smile, and a warm, fuzzy feeling will start spreading in your chest.

While you might've started watching A Christmas Prince as a joke, by the end, you're going to hate yourself for kind of really enjoying it and getting emotionally invested.

Just ride it out, that feeling of self-loathing will fade. And remember if anyone asks, you were watching it to be ironic.

After all, there are worse ways to spend two hours of your life. There are also better.

You can watch A Christmas Prince on Netflix now.

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