“It was brilliant from the start. What is this wizardry?”: 13 women test Oral-B’s new on-the-go teeth whitening kit.

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There’s something about people who have a really nice smile and beautifully white teeth.   

If that’s you, then I am envious.      

I’ve never loved my teeth. I had braces when I was younger, and I try to take good care of them… but lots of coffee and red wine means they aren’t always so sparkly. 

To me, teeth whitening has always seemed like something for fancy people who go to fancy clinics, or maybe even a bit of a chore squeezing gels into trays and awkwardly trying to keep them in your mouth. 

Just me?

Brush your teeth, floss (when you remember!) and go to the dentist occasionally and kind of... hope for the best.  

But once silly season rolls around, and more social events roll in, it crosses my mind that having shiny white teeth would be a bit damn nice. 

Then I found out about Oral-B’s new 3D White Whitening Emulsions Apply & Go Kit.

It promises to help you achieve 100 per cent whiter teeth in just seconds (versus their 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste), even when you're on the go: and I won't lie, I couldn't click on it fast enough. 

The formula is dabbed on a wand and applied liberally on your teeth, absorbs quickly (and safely) for fast results, all without any messy feel or need to rinse off. Oral-B says the whole process takes only 1 minute, and it's enamel safe for multiple uses a day.

Ya kiddin'. Well, sign me the heck up. Is it really that mess-free and effective though? How can there be no need for rinsing or brushing afterwards?


To help investigate, we had 50 women in the Mamamia You Beauty Panel road test Oral-B’s 3D White Emulsions, and report straight back to us on what it was like (and what it actually did to their pearly whites).

Spoiler: 93 per cent said this product was easy to use, and 88 per cent confirmed this product helped to whiten their teeth on-the-go.

Here's exactly what they said. 

Amanda, 32: “Gone are the days of whitening strips that take 20 minutes.”

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“I loved using this teeth whitening treatment. It was really easy to apply, great for while I’m on-the-go without mess or needing to rinse or brush after! A few swipes across my teeth and I was ready to go. 

"Gone are the days of whitening strips that take 20 minutes. I started noticing a huge difference after a week of using it. My teeth didn’t feel sensitive which was a bonus! I’d definitely buy again.”

Jayla, 31: “I really loved this product and will 100 per cent repurchase.”

“I really loved this product and will 100 per cent repurchase. The simplicity and ease of whitening my teeth meant I was able to actually stick to it!

"Normally I’m never consistent with at-home teeth whitening kits because they take too long. But with this new kit, I noticed whiter teeth quickly after using it twice a day, and after a week I could really tell the difference.

"I really enjoyed how compact this product was too (great for travel)!”

Jennifer, 36: "I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone!"

"It was super easy to use, loved that you can do it more than once per day without damage to your enamel, so it's not as restrictive as other teeth whiteners.

"I am so keen on continuing to see my results, I've set little reminders on my phone to use it after brushing my teeth to make it easier for me to remember!"

Jesseca, 36: “It made my teeth noticeably whiter.”

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“I really like this product. It didn’t make my teeth sensitive at all, which usually happens with other whitening products. I also loved that it was just a paste on my teeth – there were no strips or teeth moulds. It meant that I could just apply it and head out the door. I also found that it made my teeth noticeably whiter (always a plus for a whitening product!).

"This is perfect for anyone who wants visibly whiter teeth, but doesn’t have a huge amount of time. Would definitely recommend this kit!"

Patricia, 30: "Delivers on its promise!"

"A good product and delivers on its promise! This product was easy to use, and I definitely noticed improvement in the colour of my teeth with consistent daily use. I used this product every night after brushing my teeth before bed, and would recommend this product is ideal for everyone looking for a white smile."


Sarah, 29: "Definitely helped me whiten my teeth on-the-go."

Before (top) and after using product (bottom). Image: Supplied.

"Overall I have seen great results from the product. This product definitely helped me whiten my teeth on-the-go. The packaging of this product was nice too! I used it morning and night for 2 weeks. The mint in the product is quite cooling on the teeth to start with but other than that initial sensation I haven’t experienced any sensitivity either!"


Kayla, 31: “It was brilliant from the start. What is this wizardry?!”

"What is this wizardry?! After having given up on a dentist-supplied in-home whitening kit, I wasn't even going to bother with this after my dentist kit disappointment but I am so glad I did! 

"It was brilliant from the start! From the brilliantly designed stand and packaging to the soft-headed applicator and toothpaste style tube, it was a breeze to use.

"I was concerned that it would take forever to use, that I would have to walk around with a ridiculous mouth guard in my mouth for ages and that it would taste terrible. Boy, was I wrong! Easy to apply, wipe one tooth and move straight on to the next one. 

"It doesn't change the texture or feel of the teeth in any way.”

Jaimi, 28: “Love the convenience of being able to put it on and still go about your day.”

Image: Supplied.


“Love the convenience of being able to put it on and still go about your day. 

"There was no significant taste to the product, just a slightly minty flavour which was nice. I had no discomfort or sensitivity using the product either. 

"This product is ideal for anyone who wants a teeth whitening product but doesn’t want to worry about having to wait for the application to work. Sometimes strips and light activated products are inconvenient, whereas this product you could absolutely apply and leave the house or go about your day as normal! Really enjoyed this product.”

Alannah, 23: “Easily applied super quickly and conveniently!"

“Very impressed with Oral-B's new Emulsions kit, very user-friendly. Being a first time mum, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so teeth whitening is not a priority. This was easily applied super quickly and conveniently!

"I used this in the evenings, and if I was going somewhere special I used it whilst getting ready or on the way there!”


Ilana, 35: “Great for time-poor people.”

Image: Supplied.

“It was very easy to use, great for time-poor people. I used it daily after my morning teeth brush, and found it was much easier to use compared with other whitening kits I've used in the past.

"It definitely helped whiten my teeth on-the-go – and a small thing too, I quite liked the applicator shape and material made it easy to wash. It's the little things too!”


Courtenay, 27: “I'm a coffee drinker and have seen a noticeable difference.”

“Surprisingly good! While the change was gradual, I noticed a very obvious difference in the whiteness and brightness of my teeth. I've not had much luck with whitening products in the past and was pleasantly surprised. 

"It's ideal for an affordable whitening option to give a natural result. I'm a coffee drinker and have seen a noticeable difference, so I'm really happy about!”

Bianca, 23: "Great before going out for drinks with friends or before a day in the office!"

"As a busy person, I would definitely repurchase! I found it easy to use and so convenient. I love that you can continuously top it up over the course of a day, and it didn’t make my teeth sensitive at all. 

"The whitening definitely did make a difference to my teeth, and I'll continue to apply this before going out for drinks with friends or before a day in the office!"

Ellie, 31: “It whitened my teeth noticeably.”

“I'll definitely be recommending this to my friends. It whitened my teeth noticeably. I put this on once per day before bed, and even enjoyed the pleasant taste.

"Perfect for anyone wanting a quick brighten who doesn't want to fork out for professional whitening.”

Enjoy an effortless, bright, white smile with Oral-B 3D White Emulsions

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Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

Oral-B is a global leader in oral care and the number 1 toothbrush brand recommended by dentists worldwide. Backed by decades of expertise, Oral-B has unveiled 3D White Emulsions; a faster way to enjoy an effortless, bright, white smile – anytime, anywhere! The enamel-safe formula helps to remove stains with virtually no sensitivity and there is no need to rinse or remove - just swipe and go!