You know you're a child of the 90s, if you remember more than 10 of these...

Ah, the 90s.

It was a magical era when parachute pants and scrunchies were the height of sophistication.

And these five women told you everything you needed to know about feminism.

Everything we 90s kids know about life and love, we learned from the Spice Girls. Zig-a-zig-ah.

Everyone was talking about a new little invention called the World Wide Web. Kale wasn’t around to ruin every meal, and Justin Bieber was in nappies and definitely not on our TV or in our radio.

The biggest teen heartthrobs of the 90s: where are you now?

Basically, it was paradise. Right?

You know you’re a 90s kid if you recognise these things…

You owned Tencel jeans and 17 other signs you ruled fashion in the 90s.

1. TV.

Fact: the 90s were the golden era of TV. There, I’ve said it. Stuff Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones – they’ve got nothing on these gems. Don’t believe me? Let me refresh your memory.


It was also a brilliant time for movies. Sure, we had to deal with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, but apart from that, 90s movies were genius.


Come on – it was the era of boy and girl bands and cheesy dance beats. All Saints and the Backstreet Boys shit all over Chet Faker. And I dare you to listen to Ace of Base and NOT sing along.


The eyebrows were over plucked. The lips were heavily lined. And the hair – crimped within an inch of its life. In fact, 90s style was so good it’s making a comeback. Minus the hats with the turned up brim…

 I was a late 90s Cigarette Girl.

5. FADS.

You can keep your yolos and your sushi and your Bratz Dolls. The 90s had the best fads of all time. OF ALL TIME.

And, finally, for the ultimate 90’s nostalgia fest – this: